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Who is Camilla?


I am a 28 year old living in London. I am half Indian and half English and I work for a large financial organisation in the City. I live with my sister and our two cats, Pandora the Siamese and Bruno the Oriental Shorthair.

I am addicted to watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, reading reviews and swooning over luxury goods and products. For a long time I have wanted my own blog/channel for years so I can interact more with the community that I am already part of, but I always chickened out for one reason or another. After my 28th birthday I decided that enough is enough and after wrestling with WordPress for about a week, forgetting my username AND password, almost throwing my computer out of the window and deleting my site accidently. I think that I have just about managed to stay on this page long enough to hash out this “about me” page!