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Balayage Heaven!

Since I was a teenager I have loved experimenting with my hair. It all started in high school with box dyes and self highlight kits which were definitely not a good idea on my dark curly hair. At one point I had yellow and red stripes in my hair, much to my mother’s dismay.

My sister began training as a hairdresser and this was awesome as we had access to much fancier techniques and products, but the only way my sister knew how to lighten my hair was apply bleach as full head highlights that ruined my hair and gave me horrendous black regrowth. I quickly dyed my hair dark again and chopped it all off into a bob as it looked like an unhealthy stack of hay and just wouldn’t sit right.

Fast forwards about ten years and I’m still terrified of dying my hair for fear of it all falling out or looking brittle, but the hair envy of the girls on Instagram with buttery tumbling balayage finally got the better of me.

I knew I wanted balayage but I didn’t want to look “basic” I searched and searched on Instagram for the most natural yet showstopping balayage artists I could find and finally I booked into Samantha Cusick’s salon after seeing her amazing work! I went for all out balayage and olaplex with senior colour technician Olivia which costs £210.

Walking into the salon I instantly started gawping at the supermodel type girls coming out with swishy and expertly painted hair. I instantly knew I was in the right place!

The interior decor was decadent and even my latte was served in an Instagram worthy marble cup! Everything about this salon screams cool from the rooftops!

Fast forward three and a half hours and a lot of clingfilm later, and I literally couldn’t not believe how amazing my hair looked.

The olaplex had preserved the condition of my hair, and my newly buttery gold locks are smooth and bouncy! Best of all the transition between my dark roots and the sunkissed ends were seamless!

I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and I highly recommend Samatha Cusick to anyone who wants an expensive looking balayage. Ok it comes with a matching price tag, but I really believe that it’s worth investing in your hair!

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