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3 Reasons to Wear Cropped Jeans!

There is nothing better than comfortable denim (except maybe Booja Booja vegan ice cream). The style of denim that I have fallen in love with recently is not only very stylish, but also very comfortable – what more can a girl ask for? I think by now you must know that I am talking about cropped, wide leg jeans.

I recently picked up a pair in Topshop for £40 – link here. I will always head to Topshop when I need a new pair of jeans because I know that their denim is super flattering and they always have such a wide range of styles. I also am confident that their jeans will fit really well and the material will be suitably soft. I bought a waist size 28 which is a little bit too big for me unfortunately, but I haven’t swapped it for a 26 because I don’t mind cinching them in with a belt, and I’d rather have that little bit of extra room incase I am having a “fat day”! I can be a little bit in between sizes sometimes which is annoying – does anyone else have that problem?

Anyway,lets get into why I think everyone needs a pair of cropped jeans:

1. They show off your shoes. This is a big one for me because I love beautiful shoes. I am already picturing wearing these jeans with my red Valentino Rockstuds, and my brown Chloe lace up sandals when the weather gets a bit warmer and I can feel confident that my tootsies won’t get cold when I ditch the boots. If like me you want to show off your shoes, and make your ankles look super slim at the same time – you need to slide into a pair of these bad boys ASAP!

2. They are perfect for wearing with cropped tops. I don’t have the perfect figure for wearing cropped tops, and would never dare to bare in a low slung pair of jeans – especially at the age of 28. However, I cannot wait to pair these jeans with some cropped shirts this summer. I am already planning super stylish Los Angeles and New York outfits based around these jeans *eeek* If, like me, you want to be able to wear cropped tops without worrying about looking like a belly dancer, these jeans are for you!

3. They are extremely versatile. I can picture wearing these to a bar with a dressy top and heels, and I can also picture wearing these on a casual day with my favourite Calvin Klein t-shirt and a pair of Nikes. Ok so that may be true of all jeans, but isn’t it nice to be able to switch up your look with a different style of jeans?! I would love to try full length flares but I would feel obliged to wear them with heels – and to me that just isn’t versatile enough as I wear flat shoes a lot!!

I wore my cropped jeans for the first time yesterday, and I decided to pair them with a black polo neck top, a western belt, and lace up ankle boots. I threw my long Jaeger coat on over the top and I was good to go!

Let em know what you think of this look in the comments section below! Are you also loving cropped and wide leg denim?

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