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How to Survive Coachella 2017 like a Pro!

The biggest music and fashion event of the year is just over a month away!

I am already thinking abut my outfits and planning my accessories! If you are also starting to plan your Coachella outfits, but you haven’t been to the festival before, take note of the following:

1. Wear comfortable shoes!

Ok so this might seem obvious, but this is the most important rule to follow for Coachella. You will be on your feet for hours, and walk miles! The desert is huge and you have to walk at least 45 mins on a dusty track before you even get into the festival grounds! So leave the designer footwear at home and wear sneakers/trainers, sandals that have some cushioning or comfortable boots. This is not the time to wear new shoes that you have not tested before, so make sure any shoes are well and truly broken in! Remember, at the end of the day you can take the shoes off and relax – but don’t forget you will be doing it all again for the next two days!

2. Go to the festival later on in the day!

I wouldn’t advise going to the festival for the whole day and whole night because you will be shattered. Pick and choose which artists you want to see and show up when they are playing. There are pool parties during the day in Palm Springs, and you can chill at your hotel/Villa and have a nice relaxing time and get ready for the crazy afternoon and evening ahead! If you go too early you will be tired and have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on the food stands inside, which also have extremely long queues. I know that we are paying a lot of money for entry so you want to make the most of the experience but trust me you will feel exhausted if you don’t pace yourself!

3. Pick suitable clothing!

Ok so this is the tough part! It is insanely hot during the day but gets quite chilly at night so it is important to pick what you are going to wear wisely! I would suggest wearing your litte festival shorts or dress but packing a lightweight bomber jacket and a pair of over knee socks in a little backpack incase the temperature dips and you can’t dance your way warm to Lady Gaga, or your alcohol jacket doesn’t work! Just take all your best outfit pictures during the day 😉

Check out Revolve for some lustworthy bombers!

4. Be classy!

Please don’t wear a bikini as a top, or wear shorts that eat your bottom! It is not a good look. Trust me, I have been there! Pick something floaty and longline for a more flattering and classy look!

Sorry Ariel Winters!

5. Bring a hankie!

So I probably sound like a grandmother here but the desert is very dusty so if you suffer with asthma or have a similar health concern please bear this in mind! You will see people with dust masks and hankerchiefs tied round their faces because you will end up with dirt up your nose and blowing out blood (so I’ve heard) if you don’t take precautions! On the third day it is the dustiest, and I remember the last walk back to the car because it was particularly difficult to see and breath because of all the dust being kicked up from the thousands of people.

6. Don’t get hammered too early!

You always see that one girl or guy, passed out on the floor or being a dribbling mess before they even get into the festival, don’t be that person! Drink plenty of water and eat well and pace yourself with the drinks. You have plenty of time!!

7. Ladies, take tissues!

The toilets were really clean and impressive for a festival. But you will end up in a toilet without toilet paper at some point over the weekend, so have some tissues for emergencies! You can thank me later!

8. Use Uber!

Don’t drink and drive or smoke weed and fly! The Uber set up last year was amazing and quite cheap so it makes much more sense to get an Uber rather than driving! Unless you are camping (which is not for me darlings) most accommodation is quite far away from the festival but Uber shouldn’t charge too much, especially when the cost is split between a few people.

I hope you found this guide useful! If I save just one girl from being cold
or having blisters I will know that my work here is done!

I will definitely do another dedicated outfit post in April once all my online orders arrive, so watch out for that!

Happy outfit planning and I can’t wait to see you all there!

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    This post makes me want to go to Coachella so badly! Hopefully one day. I hope you have an amazing time girl!


      You need to go!!!!! There is always next year 🙂 xxxxxx


      Thank you Greta! I wish someone had told me these things before I went last year!! I can’t wait for this year!!!! Xxx

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