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Sunday: What I Eat in a Day!

I’m not claiming to be a nutrition expert by any means, but I really enjoy food and I feel pretty healthy, so I want to share with you all the food I have eaten today! I also want to debunk the idea that vegans eat bland food!

I only buy organic food where possible as I don’t like the idea of eating food sprayed with chemical pesticides – they simply can’t be good for us! So if you haven’t already – go organic! Everything you see below is organic 🙂


I woke up at around 7.30am ( I know crazy for a Sunday!) and had gluten free porridge (made with water) and blueberries with a touch of raspberry jam!

This is a super yummy breakfast and those in the know rave about porridge being a great way to start the day and I couldn’t agree more! I actually eat porridge every day for breakfast and I don’t get bored of it! You can always add berries or nuts or even peanut butter to mix it up a bit!

This meal gave me enough energy to last all morning and through a super intense treadmill gym session which led me straight into a late lunch!


For lunch I had a slice of organic wholewheat bread topped with a medley of avocado, spinach, garlic, red onion, Himalayan pink salt and black pepper.

This was delicious and so easy to make as all you really need us the ingredients and a toaster! I love quick and easy food, especially after a workout when I am feeling ravenous.


Ingredients: Grated carrot, celery, red onion, grilled tofu, broccoli, cucumber, sauerkraut, spinach, green lentils, garlic, vegetable bullion, black beans, chickpeas, olives.
Dressing: avocado oil and hummus.

This tasty dinner was super easy to make and mostly raw (lentils and tofu being the exceptions). I expect that this is low calorie and really nutritious. I felt like I needed to lay off anything too heavy as I had lots of carbs for breakfast and lunch and I didn’t want to have anything too carby for dinner. I feel super full and satisfied and most importantly guilt-free!

Top tip: sauerkraut contains probiotics/good bacteria that you may be missing out on if you avoid dairy. It also contains fibre, vitamins A, B, C and K, iron, magnesium, copper and calcium! Some people love it and and people hate the taste! Which side of the fence are you?

Let me know if you have any yummy vegan recipes or meal ideas that you would like to share with me! ❤️

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